When I teach I am a beginner. I need to rediscover the truth of practice every moment with the help of the whole body and the most intuitive part of the mind. I need to let go of all conditioning and habits and feel what my body says in the present moment.

This yoga practice leads to a deep reconnection with nature, with the forces that sustain your life. These forces bring freedom and at the same time order to the body-mind.
This is what our time needs, we have to open the ears to the voice of nature, she tells us how to find unity with the planet earth. Peace is already here, be open instead of imposing, listen instead of doing, unfold and discover beauty in the acceptance of what is.
The opening from inside out of your true beauty is a big step, it gives dignity and space to your body. With your practice you could give a contribution to the blossoming of Joy.
Enjoy your yoga and let the flower of Love opens his petals in your chest!

“When Love is expressed totally through a free, healthy, orderly “body-mind”, there is beauty.” (Vanda Scaravelli)- Vanda Scaravelli –