The teaching of Vanda Scaravelli

Rossella Baroncini - published on The Quarterly Magazine of Yoga Therapy Ireland, issue n.72 Summer 2018 The energy of Vanda Scaravelli’s teaching is still alive. Her message is full of transformative power and is still expanding and reaching many lives. Her yoga approach with gentleness and kindness reaches to anyone who wants to open their heart to the revolutionary simplicity of her...

Lesson in freedom | The teaching of Vanda Scaravelli, friend and pupil of Krishnamurti, Iyengar and Desikachar by Emina Cevro Vukovic

If a film director wanted to make a historic film on the fascinating first steps of European yoga, I would suggest to tell the story of Vanda Scaravelli. The first scene would show Vanda, young and very beautiful, driving her Lancia Flaminia in the Tuscan hills around Florence next to the handsome J. K. Krishnamurti, an afficionado of automobiles. I...

Listening and silence

(published in Percorsi Yoga, YANI July 2015) In the art of yoga teaching, silence has a very important role, at least as the clarity of words, which must not be too much, must be the right ones to let students enjoy the discovery and not anticipate their perception. My yoga classes begin with silence and end with silence, like music. Daniel Barenboim, in...

My experience, in the tradition of Vanda Scaravelli

Rossella Baroncini in Percorsi Yoga, yani notebooks, January-February 2008   I see the tradition of yoga as a river that for thousands of years many streams and many springs feed along its course towards the great ocean, but the first source of this river lies in each of us, deeply hidden. Often, only when we are licked by the great river of...

Teaching in Clare Island: yoga blossoms in freedom

Published in Yoga Therapy Ireland magazine, Spring 2014 When we need to find a deep reconnection with our being we often go in search of a place where we can be more in contact with nature. For this reason when I was in my mid 20’s I used to walk the fields and woods near my home, to sit in silence...

Listening to the body

Melanie Wilsher (Yoga and Health Magazine 2005) At my last yoga retreat, I invited Rossella to lead a class, introducing three basic principals, “three friends in one”: the breath, gravity and the wavelike releasing of the spine. There is “nothing to be done”, only “to go with”. Rossella began the practice by opening the bodi’s spaces to the breath, focusing on breathing...

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