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There is so much beauty in the acceptance of what is.

We do yoga to bring ourselves to natural simplicity, to re-establish contact with the forces that sustain our lives, so that we can “blossom”. Yoga can best be described with a flower. A flower stretches its roots down in the ground and at the same time is attracted towards the sun. By consciously entrusting ourselves to the action of gravity and by letting our breathing expand, we learn to let go of the things we no longer need and renew ourselves in every moment. A flower needs room, nourishment and light to open. When we practise poses and breathing, we must learn to pay attention to the natural rhythms of breathing and of the spine, and to the right mental attitude. Thus we will find again what is necessary for us.

Rossella Baroncini was born and lives in Florence where she was trained as a yoga teacher. She has been teaching classes, private lessons, workshops in Italy and abroad from 1987. Rossella is a direct long time student of Vanda Scaravelli (author of Awakening the Spine, 1991) she started to study with her in 1983 at the age of 26 having individual lessons until 1999. Now Rossella continues to explore the teachings she has received from Vanda maintaining his simplicity and freedom. She likes to share the beauty of a practice that reaches you in a natural way.

Rossella is a registered yoga teacher with YANI and with Yoga Alliance E-RYT500

“Attività professionale non regolamentata disciplinata ai sensi della legge 14/1/2013, n.4 (G.U. 26/1/2013, n.2)”