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It is great, I love this yoga, cause it makes you feel from inside. It gives you the right to own your body. It is important component of yoga. Aina, November 2010


Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. You are an absolute lovely person and wise teacher. I thank you for carving out the time and space to do the deep inner body exploration so necessary in the hectic pace of New York City life.| James, January 2010

Dear Rossella, my appreciation for you and the way you express Vanda Scaravelli’s teachings has expanded and deepened from this weekend and my wish to continue studing with you inspires me to find ways to manifest that. So many of the students have expressed to me their gratitude for having you come here that my heart is full. Your presence blesses all of us.| Carol, August 2008

And so Rossella… a thousand million thanks yous for working “with Love” this past week. Thank you for allowing your body to talk to us, for inviting me to listen deeply to my own body, for introducing me to my Spine!!! It was a joy to be in your class, to explore and travel into stillness. | Mary K., July 2007

…I feel happy and free. I want to thank you for a very and effectful workshop, I enjoyed “to undo” the poses! I do not know what happened but it was like the whole me understood this approach: my body, my mind and my feelings… A very nice sensation…| Bente, June 2006

A wonderful meeting between the body, breath, earth, fire and ocean. It has been a lovely special week something that I will treasure for a long time. Three things are true blessings – namely human birth, longing for liberation and the presence of a teacher. And the highest form of receiving knowledge is through the presence of nature and someone deep in yoga. Yoga at the isle Stromboli is a unique meeting point of rivers of energy and love.| Soham, June 2006

Your course has changed the way I feel and move and do yoga-and certainly your teaching will stay in “my bones” and be a strong memory. Thank you so much for the work you do so beautifully. What a lovely workshop and you become more and more clear to me. I think about your yoga a lot and feel it inside. As inspiration and confidence. So I practice and study my notes. | Helle, October 2006

Thank you for the wonderful week of yoga, wisdom, and friendship on Clare Island. I got so much from the continuity of a week of yoga. I know now what you mean about being rooted to the ground! | Sheelagh, 2006

I am so thankful that I got to spend time with You and the otherlovely yogis at the week-end workshop. Something very deep and beautiful happened inside and the ‘process is still on’. A lot of tension has left the system and for the first time I am able to work with my clients on a mat on the floor instead of using a treatment table. I could never do this before due to ‘the conditon of my back’. Thank you for taking the time to come and share your knowledge and sweetness and thank you for your ‘infinite patience’ and loving inspiration. | Hanne, 2005

First I want to thank you for a wonderfull week-end. The way you practise yoga has made a deep feeling in me, and as I already told you this week-end I would like to practice this way a lot more. I feel that I can go very deep within myself with this very calm meditative way of doing yoga. | Lotte, 2005

It was like coming home to myself practicing yoga with you. It gives me a lot, grounding has a very important meaning to me in my life as a mother, as a human being, in all aspects. …I am so fine, I enjoyed you and Firenze very much. I returned home grounded, an exiting time followed. I had the feeling that I was in yoga, it wasn’t anything separated from me. Heidi, 2005